This is a test article

Updated: Jan 12

If we go ahead with plans to release articles this is how they would look. The first 160 characters of the article appear in the google search so they need to be captivating to draw in readers.

Stock images can be fucking weird man

Seriously. Google "weird stock images" and the weirdest things will pop up. Idk what I'm saying, I'm literally typing random stuff to give you an idea of what it would all look like in one thing.

This is a short one

This is a pretty short example - most posts would be longer than this ideally (obviously) and have interesting/useful information, about either the music world in general one helpful tips for production etc. We could do some "top 10" shit as well as that usually seems to be pretty popular. Aside from the Blake Butler one. He can fuck himself.

You probably noticed the reading length thing at the top - should that be a feature or should that get removed? And how is the layout of the article? Obviously it needs tidying up but this is how the post pages will generally look.

#test #fuckblakebutler #fixitinpost

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