Podcast editing

When you're recording a podcast it's incredibly easy to end up with hours of recordings for a 40 minute show. Going through it all and finding the parts you want to keep can take a day just on its own. Even after that, there'll be all the "um's" and "ah's" that need removing, not to mention all the pauses and breaths. When releasing podcasts it's important that the conversation flows well and doesn't constantly stop & start. This is where we come in.

Damaged Studios can take care of all of that and more, creating a crystal clear sound and perfect flow to keep your audience engaged. We can include any intro/outro/transition music you have as well as any ads or sponsored bits, and make your show as seamless as possible.

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Podcast editing is charged by the length of the final piece and the number of people talking. Please request a quote giving us as much detail as you can about timings, number of speakers, sponsored segments etc.