Dan Heard

Dan Heard is no stranger to the tour life with over a decade of experience playing guitar and drums for various metal bands. Featuring on Xfm by the time he was a teenager, his early start in music primed the skills he would later use playing shows in the US, Switzerland and several tours of the UK. Living on the outskirts of London and moving through the pretty and dirty underground scenes, Dan loves animals and is a five star rated motorbike mechanic.

Isaac Peachey

With an eclectic range of talents, honourary eastender Isaac Peachey has been a drummer, festival organizer, worked front of house sound, occasionally a backing vocalist - now a sound engineer mixing and mastering for Damaged Studios. Endearingly known as a human drum machine, he met Dan touring in his late teens. His wealth of experience has brought him an understanding of the music world, exemplified by his constant broadening of taste necessary for his line of work.

Lukas Sharp

Self proclaimed writer and musician Lukas Sharp came of age as a lighting technician for local and touring bands. After a few college experiments, a brief stint as a fill-in lead guitarist led him to working with Isaac, a professional relationship that eventually led the formation of two piece Dead Youth (followed by three months of rehearsals, one gig and an immediate hiatus that continues to this day). Around this time he was introduced to Dan, and shortly after began releasing solo material.

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