Frequently asked questions

Do you know what you're doing?

Yes, we have almost a decade of experience working with audio.

How does this work?

There's more details on the working with us page, but in short, once we receive your files we'll get to work. Within 7 business days we'll send you our mix in MP3 form. You'll need to either let us know what tweaks you want made or give us the all clear. Once we're both happy with the mix, it'll be mastered and sent to you as a high quality WAV file, 24-bit 44.1kHz.

For podcasts the process is similar, we'll send you the initial edit and you'll need to let us know if either you want anything changed or it's all good. Once it sounds perfect it'll be sent to you in the same format WAV file.


Do you keep any rights to the music or podcasts?

Absolutely not. All creative content is yours and yours alone. Once our work is done, you still hold all rights to your music or podcast

Do I also need to pay for mastering if I've paid for mixing?

Nope. Everything we mix we master as well, free of charge.

How do I credit you in the release?

If you feel like crediting us we would be very grateful, and of course we'd be proud to have our name on your work. It's up to you how you do this but most people just write something along the lines of "mixed & mastered by Damaged Studios" - or the podcasting equivalent.

How do I send you the files?

All information to send us your files is on the "upload" page after you've created an account.

What happens if I feel it needs more work, even after the 3rd revision?

In the unlikely event of this happening we'll discuss the next steps with you over email. There may be a small fee for extra revisions but in most cases this can be waived.

Are your masters ready to go straight onto streaming services?

Yes, we master everything to be streaming ready.

Do you offer beat production?

Not currently.

if your question isn't answered here feel free to get in contact